Inneov Densilogy Anti Hairloss Antiqueda 180 Cap New Hair Mass Masa Capilar


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INNEOV DENSILOGY ANTI-HAIRLOSS 180 Capsules. (3 Months Treatment) The secret of abundance hair? Keep the bulbs assets. Inneov Densilogy acts at two levels, anchor and hair growth. Membrane Anchor hair is located in the hypodermis, on the lower part of the inner membrane of the bulb and is only accessible through the oral route. This membrane can be in two states: - INTACT. - Ensures and maintains anchor growth. - ERODED (under stress). - Causes premature hair removal. INNEOV DENSILOGY has a composition: VITAMIN D3 + OMEGA 3 (DHA, EPA, ALA), among others, whose association has a synergistic effect that preserve MEMBRANE ANCHOR and stimulate GROWTH. How it acts to achieve: 1. - Preserve Membrane anchor decreasing production of MMP-9, enzymes responsible to the erosion of the membrane anchor.